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7-Feb-16 - Text Study, First Sunday in Lent

7-Feb-16 - Blog, Last Week's Sixth Crossings Conference. A Quick Review

7-Feb-16 - Text Study, Ash Wednesday

7-Feb-16 - Text Study, The Transfiguration of Our Lord

7-Feb-16 - Blog, Ed Schroeder Weighs in on "Radical Hospitality"

17-Jan-16 - Text Study, Fourth Sunday after the Epiphany

17-Jan-16 - Text Study, Third Sunday after the Epiphany

17-Jan-16 - Text Study, Second Sunday after the Epiphany

17-Jan-16 - Blog, "What Time Is It?" (A Sermon Suited for New Year's Day)

The Crossings Community

Crossing Life with the Promise of Christ

The Crossings Community is an open worldwide network of Christians who share a commitment to the proper use of the Law/Gospel distinction. We believe that the Law/Gospel distinction is the key to understanding what God is doing in the world. We seek to apply this distinction in the interpretation of Scripture and in living out our Christian vocations in the world.

The Crossings Method is a technique we use to apply the distinction of Law and Gospel when we interpret Scripture. When the Gospel is properly distinguished from the Law of God, its full power is made available to equip Christians for life. Since our founding in 1983, Crossings has been working to teach and illustrate the Crossings Method and apply it to our thinking, working, preaching, and living. We do this in these ways:

The Crossings Community, Inc. seeks to share Law/Gospel theology with all people. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, color, or ethnic origin in any policies or programs.

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