Thank You Notes After Christmas

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Darwin, Design and Christmas

Colleagues, Only in America! Only in America could this farce continue. This week we

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Michael and the Dragon–On Earth the Battle Continues. Two Case Studies: Narnia and India

Colleagues, Case Study #1. Narnia Marie and I saw the Narnia movie yesterday, “The

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Is “church” an “active noun,” the subject of sentences? In the NT never

Colleagues, It’s so commonplace in our rhetoric these days that “the church” is the

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What is Christian Spirituality? Answer: Faith in Christ

Colleagues, Today’s ThTh posting #390 comes from Timothy Hoyer, Pastor of Gloria Dei Lutheran

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Theological Perspectives on Max Beckmann’s Paintings

Colleauges, Now on the downhill side of “70-something” I slide more easily into Continue Reading →

The Current Brouhaha About Intelligent Design

Colleagues, Some thoughts. Evolution or Devolution? In this week’s St. Louis Continue Reading →

Gospel Blazes in the Dark

Colleagues, I told them not to do it, but they wouldn’t listen. So Sunday

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Luther’s 95 Theses–What Was That all About?

Colleagues, Four days hence is Reformation Day in the Lutheran Church calendar. For other

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God and Continuing Catastrophes

Colleagues, After Banda Aceh’s tsunami and New Orleans’ Katrina and Continue Reading →