“What Time Is It?” (A Sermon Suited for New Year’s Day)

Colleagues, The Rev. Lars Olson is today’s contributor. I haven’t met him, and can

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Angles on Angels, and on Genuine Christmas Peace

Colleagues, First: If you haven’t signed on yet for next month’s Crossings Continue Reading →

A Call for Reformation as a Church Year Dawns

Colleagues, Advent launched again last Sunday to do for the Christian world as the

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Listen to the Veterans, Part 2. Counsel for a “Non-Religious” Veterans’ Advocate

Colleagues, In our last post we sent you a review by Ed Schroeder of

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“Will No One Have the Guts to be a Sinner?” —Preface and Ur-text

Colleagues, The congregation I serve is going to celebrate the Reformation this coming Sunday.

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War Can’t Be Just. Listen to the Veterans

Colleagues, We’re six days away from this year’s Veteran’s Day observance. It Continue Reading →

A Christian Approach to Interfaith Relations

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Three Distinctions to Make when Reading the Bible

Colleagues, I began the last post (#860, September 10) by announcing a formal change

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“Third Use,” Round Two. A Citation from Luther

Colleagues, I start today by announcing a formal change in Thursday Theology. A weekly

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A “Third Use” of the Law? Doest the Formula Say That? Does the Notion Make Sense?

Colleagues, This week’s offering is the burnished version of a note Ed Schroeder dashed

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