25 January -

Unearthing Gospel Gold

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Come, be strengthened in your ability to relate Scripture to life in a way that is relevant and joyful, using the Crossings Method. Beginners will have an opportunity to learn how to use this method, sometimes called the “Six-Step Method.” This is the method which is used in text studies which are e-published weekly by Crossings, available online here.

We will explore together the implications of using a self-consciously law-gospel method for relating the Word of God to culture and life. Speakers, all of them members of the Crossings Community, will discuss how the Crossings Method has helped them. Pastors will talk about how they use it in their preaching, and lay people will tell what it means for them.

The conference fee of $200 includes tuition, meals, and housing. Tuition is free for all seminary students and first-call pastors. 50% off for first-time attendees!

Crossings is a community dedicated to helping all people link their faith with their daily lives. You will appreciate the camaraderie as we study, worship and rediscover together God’s wondrous Good News for humanity.

  • Date: January 25 - 27, 2015
  • Time: 3:00 - 12:35
  • Phone: 314-576-7357
  • Email: info@crossings.org
  • Website::